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  • 公司簡介

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           杭州天翔標識有限公司,成立于2010年7月份,公司注冊資金1個億,公司廠房面積為12000平方米;主要 經營范圍:國內廣告設計、制作、代理、發布,上門安裝標識、標牌、LED及LCD顯示屏系統、照明工程、裝飾 工程的設計及施工;批發零售、LED及LCD顯示屏、燈具;貨物進出口。
           Hangzhou Tianxiang logo Co., Ltd., founded in July 2010, has a registered capital of 100 million yuan and a factory area of 12000 square meters. Its main business scope includes: domestic advertising design, production, agency, release, door-to-door installation of logo, sign, led and LCD display system, lighting engineering, decoration engineering design and construction; wholesale and retail, led and LCD display, lighting; goods Import and export of goods.

           公司以誠信經營,專注品質為宗旨,以對客戶負責、對員工負責,實現社會價值為使命,專注于標識行業及 相關優先域的發展。主要以連鎖品牌客戶、結合單體大工程為主,多年的公司發展,形成了一個以設計、生產制 造、運輸物流、工程安裝、售后維修服務等一體化的綜合性服務的公司,服務于客戶,為客戶提供整體性的解決 方案。
           The company's mission is to operate in good faith, focus on quality, be responsible for customers, employees and realize social value, and focus on the development of the logo industry and related priority areas. Mainly chain brand customers, combined with single large-scale projects, the company has developed for many years, forming a comprehensive service company integrating design, production and manufacturing, transportation and logistics, engineering installation, after-sales maintenance services, serving customers and providing overall solutions for customers.

    公司愿景:企業以輕松自由的狀態,設計制造出高品質的標識產品來服務好客戶。創造出高效益奉獻給員 工、股東和社會,成為行業優質品牌!

    Strategic planning of the company: focus on industry innovation and integrate advantageous resources. Build a famous brand.
    Company vision: the enterprise with relaxed and free state, design and manufacture high-quality logo products to serve customers. Create a high-efficiency dedication to employees, shareholders and society, and become a high-quality brand in the industry!
    Mission of the company: to be responsible for customers, employees and realize social value.
    Values of the company: Based on honest operation.
    Our aim: to create win-win value.